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Please consider staking on the Artistizen node.

Radix Team Tributjects


25 Radix Team Tributjects in 100 sets to celebrate the launch of Scrypto!

Collecting at least 1 NFT entitles you to recieve ART tokens and dividend payments from the Artistizen NFT Marketplace opening in Q2 2022. Please read detailed information in the Tokenomics.

Price started at 1 XRD and increases by 1 XRD with each reservation placed.

Current price is at XRD

Sales are currently halted.

Please join fellow collectors and traders in the Tributjects Channel and trade your Tributjects or options to complete your set. For any questions - just ask in the chat.

  ... updating collectors.
  ... updating traders.

Remaining Tributjects:



100 animated NFTs and Validatorjects to honor the nodes securing the network.

These will be expensive items.

To make it fair, as an interested collector you will either need to be
rich, lucky, smart or creative to get a piece. More details will follow.

Acrylic Cubes 10cm x 10cm x 10cm containing a 3D printed mesh with 100 intersections representing the radix network and the validator nodes. A collector can name his Validatorject which will be embossed within the cube. The NFT and the Validatorject will form the artpiece and will be produced upon order. Each will be unique, hand crafted and shipped to you worldwide.

Betanet Funjects


This was a fun little game on the Radix Betanet. 10 Funjects could be bought with BetaXRD coins by those who were fast enough. One Funject remains unclaimed and is up for sale.

The collectors recieved the digital original with an SHA-256 hash and the real objects were sent via DHL. Some shared pictures of the artpieces. The NFTs will be minted on the Radix Babylon network and transferred to the collectors as soon as the smart contract feature becomes available.

Funject 0/9 - "I am Root"
bought by Mr. Peanutbutter for 1000.0001 BetaXRD.

Funject 1/9 - "Origin Of Defi"
bought by Michael from for 119.911 BetaXRD.
First NFT ever sold on the Radix Network.

Funject 2/9 - "Mt82s Radix root"
bought by Matus from Dubai for 288.882 BetaXRD.

Funject 3/9
Unclaimed piece. 250 000 XRD.

Funject 4/9 - "Radix wu-we"
bought by leomagal from RadBulls Brasil for 422.224 BetaXRD.
Funject unshipped due to COVID-19.

Funject 5/9 - "Cassandra's Tattoo"
bought by James RadBull from London for 559.955 BetaXRD.

Funject 6/9 - "Sunny Bear"
bought by Tednol from Node for 603.306 BetaXRD.

Funject 7/9 - "Crossing the Rubicon"
bought by The Woodsman from Ireland for 733.337 BetaXRD.

Funject 8/9 - "Radix in space"
bought by dcernahoschi from Lausanne for 881.188 BetaXRD.

Funject 9/9 - "Base"
bought by James from Node for 1000.0001 BetaXRD.

For further inquiries, please get in touch.